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The Ideal Shoulder Posture

The Ideal Shoulder Posture

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The Shoulder Posture corrector is an easy belt to get good posture position. Flexible and comfortable with sponge cushion and adjustable healthy elastic belt.
It helps to correct poor posture, keep shoulders back, correct scoliosis and other malformed spinal curvatures.

  • Sitting And Working At A Computer
    This chains you to the chair for long periods of time which isn’t good because our body is designed for movement.
  • Talking On The Phone Or Texting
    Any activity that makes your head tilt in an unnatural angle or position is causing the muscles at the back of your neck to tighten and hurt.
  • Slouching In A Chair
    It may not be painful when you sit this way, but it strains the already sensitized muscles and soft tissues in the long run.
  • Wearing Too Heavy Backpack Or Purse
    It may not seem like it at first but if you carry heavy bags on the same shoulder all time it will lead to posture problems in the future.
  • Leaning On One Leg
    This helps when you’ve been standing for hours but it can also lead to posture problems if you’re doing it wrong.
  • Bending Forward From Your Back
    This always happens when you brush your teeth or when trying to lift things from the floor.
  • Poking Your Chin
    This can happen when you have a hunched back, or you’re sitting too low with a screen set too high.
  • Wearing High Heels All The Time
    For most women, wearing heels is probably a normal part of their everyday life but it has some seriously troubling effects on our body, especially when it comes to posture.
  • Accidents/Injuries
    If you play sports, you probably understand how prone you can be to injuries which can cause poor posture. Even accidents like a car crash or falling from a tree can put you in a state that requires you to be in a bad position all day.



  • Provide a Classy Look Whether You Are Walking or Standing.
  • Adjust The Velcro In The Back To The Most Suitable Tightness For Yourself.
  • Helps to Correct Poor Posture.
  • Assist Your Body To Keep Your Shoulders Back.
  • Aid the Correction Of Scoliosis and other Malformed Spinal Curvatures.
  • Relieve Posture Related Back Pains, Shoulder Pains, and Headaches.


Shoulders width 35-45cm(13.5"-17.5")
Dimension: 21*25*1.5cm
Color: White
Material: Polyester
Sponge cushion 


Recommended for Kids, Women, and Men.
Comfortable, Flexible, and Easy to use.
Suitable for: Shoulders width 35-45cm(13.5"-17.5").
Dimension: 21*25*1.5cm.
Medical elastic: Does Not Cause any Itchy or Allergy.
Suitable to wear under clothes. 


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