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The Magical Acupuncture patches

The Magical Acupuncture patches

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Do you remember the feeling of being young, vibrant and pain-free?

You should have this feeling now and throughout your entire life. Acupuncture patches, the latest innovative technology combined with millennium-old knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

Acupuncture patches work on the principles of infrared light and Chinese Acupuncture but use no needles. They contain no drugs, stimulants or magnets. There are patches for pain, energy, appetite control, and more.

The patches improve the energy that flows in the body where they gently stimulate acupuncture points. This harmonizes the body’s regulatory system.

The result: The quality of life is improved naturally. Non-transdermal patch technology—a world-wide unique feature.
This means that no substances penetrate (no harmful chemicals) into the body.
Anyone can apply it convenient and easy.

These  Patches Have Patent Approval


Energy Boost Increase of vitality
Better Sleep Without side effects in a natural way
Reduced Cravings controls and reduces appetite
Immune System Boosting Detoxification of the body
Wound Healing Optimization of organ functions
Stress Reduction Reduction of cell stress
Pain Relief  For local pain and pain throughout the entire body
Anti-aging Rejuvenation of the skin

How Does It Work?

The patches have Nano (extremely small) sized amino acid crystals that radiate these frequencies and melt over a period of time.

These patches are an advanced form of homoeopathy. The patches contain homoeopathic materials, that when stimulated by body heat, reflect low levels of light in the infrared and visible band. When placed on the body like a band-aid, the patches stimulate nerves and points on the skin to produce health benefits not obtainable with any other product on the market today.

... Energy Flows in the Body ...

The acupuncture points are on imaginary lines called meridians on the body.  According to Chinese Medicine, these meridians are energy flows in the body that carry the life force and correspond to certain organs. 

It is said that when these flows are interrupted, pain or problems can occur in the body.  Getting the energy flowing again allows healing. The beauty of these patches has used no needles and it is drug-free.


Material: Hot Glue, Spunlaced cloth contains amino acid crystals, PET.
Dimension: 6.4cm/2.51'', 2.5cm/0.98'' (approx).
Color: Brown.
Quantity: 5 pcs in one pack.
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